Full moon portraits
Full moon portraits
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Starting at $800 USD
What's Included

2 hours of photography coverage

Images delivered in a downloadable digital gallery

Professionally edited, full-resolution images

Online photo gallery for viewing, downloading, and sharing with family & friends

Full printing rights

Delivery of Final Images in 3 weeks

A la Carte

Additional hour of coverage $400

Package Description

Full Moon Portraits: Capturing Your Love Under the Moonlight

Jess and I combine the art of astrophotography with distinctive full-moon portraits you'll treasure for a lifetime. Our love for astronomy photography motivates us to capture the beauty of the night skies, illuminated by the enchanting light of the full moon.

Why Full Moon Portraits?

Full moon nights offer a mesmerizing backdrop for portrait photography. The moon's brilliant glow provides a unique and romantic setting, perfect for capturing the essence of your relationship.

Your Enchanting Full Moon Session Awaits

We carefully plan your full moon portrait session by scouting locations, determining the ideal moonrise time, and creating a mood board. This ensures an enjoyable experience and captures the beauty of the moon.

2024 Full Moon Dates: Your Calendar for Lunar Magic

Here are the dates in 2024 that coincide with the full moon, ideal for your portrait session.

February 24th

March 25th

April 23rd

May 23rd

June 21st

July 21st

August 19th

September 17th Supermoon

October 17th Supermoon

November 15th

December 15th

Let's Create Together

Imagine a romantic couple's shoot under the full moon's captivating glow; we're here to bring that vision to life.

Ready to Book Your Full Moon Portrait Session?

Contact us today to reserve your spot for a 2024 full-moon portrait session. These dates are in high demand, so don't hesitate! Let us capture your love story against the spectacular backdrop of the moonlit sky.

What to Expect

Booking Process & Client Portal

Begin your adventure with us by sending in your request for a moon portrait session. Upon receiving your inquiry, we'll send you a link to your client portal. This efficient platform allows you to seamlessly sign your contract and pay the deposit, creating a worry-free experience.

Planning Your Full Moon Portrait Session

Once booked, we'll schedule a phone call to discuss the specifics. We offer expert advice on selecting outfits and ideal locations that enhance the unique ambiance of a full moon night.

The Importance of Planning

We'll help you capture incredible full moon portraits, whether it's a landscape or a more intimate nocturnal scene. We'll choose the best location and timing, considering the moon's position and lighting conditions. Then, we'll collaborate with you to create a mood board.

The Value of Full Moon Portraits

Our service extends beyond just capturing images; it's about immortalizing a moment under the moonlight.

Photography Coverage and Delivery

Clients typically receive a sneak peek on the same night and a fully edited gallery within three weeks. We dedicate ourselves to realizing your vision and adapting to night photography's unique challenges and beauty.

Getting Started

Are you ready to embark on your moon portrait session, or do you have any questions? Click the message button or select this package to begin. 

Payment Policy
Weather Policy
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Starting at $800 USD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $800 USD

Hello beautiful souls, welcome to the world through our lens.

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Jose & Jessica
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Hey there, lovely souls. We're Jose and Jessica, a wedding photography duo currently calling Boston, Massachusetts, home. Our story is a colorful blend of experiences that have unfolded from the heart of Texas, the landscapes of Utah, and beyond. Together, we're the heartbeat behind Louvenir Photography and are thrilled to cross paths with you. Our mission? It's simple and profound: we're here to create an atmosphere where you can be you. When you step in front of our lens, you're stepping into a space of comfort and authenticity. There are no stiff poses or forced smiles—just the real, beautiful you.‍ Much like your incredible journey, we believe your engagement and wedding photos should mirror your unique spirit – unfiltered and unscripted. From the laughter-filled chapters to the heartfelt moments, we're here to capture it all in its purest form. Now, let's talk passion. We're head over heels for weaving stories through our lenses – those sweet, fleeting moments that tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe. Photojournalism isn't just a click; it's a symphony of love and light that comes together to create memories that last a lifetime.‍ We have a particular name for these moments – 'Louvenirs.' Think of them as love tokens bathed in the soft glow of light, each frame an exquisite memento of your journey. ____ Let's Make Memories. For Jessica and me, it is a privilege to observe, glimpse, and capture the special moments of our clients' love stories. We both feel honored to capture the timeless bits of light. We aim to deliver engagement and wedding photos that allow you to re-experience the delight you have lived, taking every step of your adventure, and pass your story on for generations to come.

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