About us

We're Jose and Jessica, a dynamic wedding photography duo hailing from diverse corners of this vast land.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Louvenir Photography – where every snapshot is a cherished memory waiting to be embraced. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, our journey is anything but ordinary. We also work as part time traveling healthcare workers, our hearts and lenses wander across the United States, igniting our passion for photography wherever we roam. With past life chapters in Texas, Utah, now Massachusetts, and many more yet to be written, our lens is a bridge connecting the beauty of every location we encounter.
Beyond borders and across oceans, our story unfolds with the footsteps we've left in 17 countries. Every cobblestone street, every sun-soaked horizon, and every laughter-filled square has been the canvas for our artistry. In these far-flung destinations, we've been entrusted with the love stories of couples we've met along the way, capturing their tender moments in the embrace of diverse cultures and landscapes.We understand the essence of being genuine, of unveiling the unscripted chapters of your unique journey. Just like the path you tread, we want your images to breathe with authenticity. Our mission is to make you feel at ease, to capture the essence of who you are, as we embark on this visual voyage together. Our dedication to crafting timeless memories is unwavering. We don't simply take photographs – we weave them with light, love, and life, creating something beyond the ordinary. We've coined them 'Louvenirs,' the souvenirs of love etched in pixels and hues, waiting to be cherished for a lifetime. So, whether you're exchanging vows under distant skies or capturing the essence of your romance in your hometown, Louvenir Photography is here to etch your moments into memories, painting the canvas of your love story with every click of our shutter.

As a team we take an authentic, unscripted approach to photography. Your wedding day is special, and we want to help you remember  everything that made it unique. We will work together to capture all the amazing moments of your big day and turn them into souvenirs of love captured in light, or as we like to say, Louvenirs.

When we’re not busy capturing weddings or engagement sessions, we love to travel and explore all the natural beauty the world has to offer. It’s not unheard of for us to find ourselves lost in nature, only to discover some of the most spectacular sights we have ever encountered – life can be as beautiful as it is unpredictable.

We have brought all the lessons we learned from landscape photography into our approach to weddings and portraits. There’s beauty everywhere, sometimes you expect it and sometimes it surprises you, but no matter what your day brings we will be there to capture it.

We can never stop time, as much as we may want to, but we can take a Louvenir.

Let's celebrate your love.

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